The echo network is a social innovation partnership steered by the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India with the specific focus of increasing awareness, collaboration, and knowledge regarding human and environmental ecosystems.


1. A brand identity and the congruous brand language.

2. Design & develop their website.

3. Design their very first publication- a white paper based on a online seminar they conducted.

The visual language we devised took inspiration from the perfect hexagonal grids naturally found in the honeycombs made by the honeybees. The honeybee metaphor was chosen because of certain qualities of bees that perfectly described the nature of the organisation. Some of the similarities being- bees silently save the ecosystem simply by doing their job- that is to help plants pollinate. Secondly, they work in groups, they collaborate to bring big changes in the echo system, much like The echo network who collaborates with scientists and thought leaders to come up with ideas for big environmental and social changes. Lastly, just as the bees work as a connector between plants and flowers to facilitate new creation, echo network acts as a connecting catalyst between passionate thought leaders from different areas of expertise.