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Air Quality Monitor

Reap Benefit is known for inspiring young minds and enabling them to solving local environmental and civic problems. Their expertise is largely focussed towards developing technology-driven tools and kits for youngsters that enable them to identify and report these problems.

Brief - They had many product concepts ready, but they needed a well designed, easy and engaging kit to let these ideas reach the target audience. We were given one such concept - an air quality monitor kit and asked to translate it into a product.





We received it as a collection of  PCBs, sensors, LCD screens, batteries, one Arduino nano and a cluster of jumbled up wires. We broke down the project into three broad parts.


Understanding the experience - Discovering the journey the targeted user needs to go through to inspire them. Starting from holding the package to implementing the final product. We let this map guide us through the rest of the design journey.


Design and production - This included form and material exploration, prototyping, figuring out the production process, etc. Two final prototypes were developed using two different materials - 1. Medium Density Fibre board and 2. Acrylic, out of which we decided to scrap the Acrylic model mainly because of environmental concerns.The final manufacturing was done by laser cutting the components into one flat packable and compact kit, neatly packed inside a cardboard box with the product information and graphics appearing on the body. The end products were designed keeping in mind the ease of manufacture and mass production.


Communication Design -  Including a product name and logo, product packaging and an illustrative user manual was developed to explain the assembly process step by step.

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