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Creating narratives with the human body. 


A photo documentary.

Conceptualised by: Nidhi Mariam Jacob

Photography by: Padmalatha Ravi

We designed posters and a coffee table book for the exhibition.

As the artist says, ''Our bodies are our biggest storytellers. Shapes, sizes, colour, scars, marks, burns and more adorn our bodies with stories and memories. With this project, I want to highlight the sensitivity that - what is personal is political''.

Our aim was to develop a visual language that compliments these black and white stunning photographs of painted human bodies. We used bold typography and solid blocks of rich black which gives a statement rather than overpower the visuals.


It was an absolute pleasure to be part of this project at a very relevant time like this.

Breathing Canvas by Nidhi Jacob
Breathing Canvas by Nidhi Jacob poster
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