An awareness program on hygiene amongst school children in the urban community in Varanasi by TATA.  

Brief: To create identity and the visual language for the project with a holistic approach.

The idea was to show that one will get the key to the ultimate wellness in life if one integrates the three,  'Padaayi Safayi Acchayi', as the tagline goes, that is the cycle of education, hygiene and good habits into their lives.


In order to build a good school, building a  garden is as important as building the classrooms. And building toilets more important than that. 

Hygiene is the key, and this project revolved around behavioural change and activating the need for better toilets on school premises. 

We worked around the concept of pride of one's own school. It is her/his own responsibility to keep the environment of the school clean. And in order to do that it is necessary to build good habits in one's self.