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Finalist in Index Design Challenge, Denmark

Akshara: Learn as you play. 


A fresh perspective on the traditional primer in the form of a toy -  a jigsaw puzzle.

There is a stark difference in the learning levels of children of the same age coming from private and government institutions in India. The bridge that is missing here is uniform infrastructure ranging from proficiency of teachers, funds allotted to the schools for basic necessities like mid day meals, quality of text books to teaching aids. This project has intent to tackle the necessity of improving the learning aids provided by Government to the public schools. 

It is not necessary for a child to connect A to Apple. S/He is free to form associations with objects they are familiar with for example an Ant.The intention of this kit is to make the concept of an alphabet book more effective and engaging through a do it yourself process because studies in child psychology shows that children assimilate more by doing rather than learning by rote. 

The kit comprises of few basic forms that are visual disintegration of vernacular Kannada alphabets. They can be arranged and rearranged into English alphabets as well as Kannada. In the process it also opens up a child's imagination and can form many different shapes like tree, fish, insects etc. It helps children assimilate language better through tactile experiences as well as develop their motor skills which is very important for children at a primary school level.


29 countries

115 concepts

7 finalists


School children were asked to use the AKSHARA kit prototype. The tests were conducted both at private and Government aided schools. The insights found were used to further improve the design.


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